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Suleman Raza Suggestion of Vaccination For Restaurant Workers in the UK

Pakistani restaurant owner Suleman Raza suggests that the U.K Government should vaccinate restaurant workers by following a model similar to that in the United States.

It’s heartening for me to see US Govt prioritize restaurant workers, a group that has suffered immensely due to COVID-19. It won’t be wrong to say that this industry was one of the worst-hit industries worldwide due to the pandemic. Recent reports about vaccinations for restaurant workers in NYC and Austin have been a relief, to say the least.

Things are on their way to getting back to normal. As restaurants open for dine-ins, the days of darkness are gradually coming to an end. In this scenario, the steps taken by the US government are commendable and similar steps should be taken in other countries as well. 

As lockdowns restrictions lift in the UK, the government should bring workers of the service industry into focus as well. Why do I say that? People associated with the services industry have to come in contact with people sooner or later. You cannot deliver groceries without touching the bags and the products inside or simply put, the chefs cannot cook without physically being in contact with necessary items. These activities and more can cause people in the service industry to spread the virus unknowingly. This is exactly why I would suggest that people associated with the service industry in the UK should be prioritized while vaccination against COVID-19. As of now, hospitality workers have not been made eligible for vaccination in England and this itself will pose a health risk to the workers and customers especially since the ‘Vaccine Passport’ is not required anymore once indoor dining resumes in England on 17th May.

If people do not feel safe in a restaurant or in a store, they would leave and often, never come back again. However, if all restaurant workers are vaccinated and following SOPs, it will not only provide customers a safer experience but will also decrease the spread of the deadly virus that has embraced the world. The staff itself would feel safe and comfortable while performing their duties and as the health and safety of workers are of utmost importance for any employer, this would give peace of mind to all restaurant owners.  This is why restaurant workers and all other workers associated with the services industry should be vaccinated on a priority basis to ensure the safety of the people of the UK. Along with the safety of people, these steps will help to get the badly wounded industry get back on its feet and that is the need of the hour.


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