Jabberwock Ventures Raise up to $20 million in a Series-B round

Jabberwock Ventures, the parent company of Swyft Delivery Solutions and Cheetay Logistics has succeeded in raising up to $20 million in a Series B round. According to Profit the figure rumored earlier was $25 million however upon a statement given to the magazine it was confirmed that the amount was close to $20 million which has been raised by not just Swyft or Cheetay but by Jabberwock Ventures.

Cheetay which is an online food delivery platform was launched in 2015. The platform was co-founded by Majid Khan and Ahmad Khan. Back in 2019, the startup raised around $7.8 million Series A round through Jabberwock Ventures. The total funding Series A for the platform was around $11.6 million.

Another startup by Jabberwock Ventures called Truck It had announced a collection of $1.5 million funding in a pre seed round earlier this month. Jabberwock Ventures Series B round is one of the largest which was raised by a Pakistani startup.


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