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Johnny Jugnu, continues to grow amidst the COVID-19 crisis

Johnny Jugnu, a fast-food brand, continues to grow amidst the covid crises- serves as an excellent example of “how to retain your business in a declining economy.”

Located in DHA phase 6, “Johnny and Jugnu (commonly known as JJ)” was launched 2.5 years ago by three aspiring individuals Gohar Iqbal, Hassan Amir Khan, and Zara Arshad, who aimed more than merely generating profits.

JJ was launched based on its product and price differentiation to serve the consumers better. Throughout its journey, the startup worked tirelessly to penetrate the market and increase its share by keeping track of its target market’s changing needs and fulfilling them.

Using social media marketing, the startup continued to interact with its consumers to “know them better” and taking regular feedback to retain their share. Their Instagram handle, “itsmecalu,” gives regular updates about the fast-food venture and keeps the consumers involved in the journey using the hashtag #thejjlife. It recently launched “JJ lemonades.”-in response to changing consumer needs- to stay relevant and expand its product portfolio.

Through proper marketing strategy, consumer interactions, and product innovations, JJ has successfully survived the economic crisis and continues to serve as an excellent example for startups on how they can increase and retain their market share.


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