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Vceela, a social enterprise, gets selected for the GSMA grant

A total of 597 applied for the GSMA Innovation Fund for Mobile Internet Adoption and Digital Inclusion, out of which 3 Pakistani startups were selected, one of them being Vceela. The three startups received a total of Rs.146 million.

Vceela is a social enterprise that empowers artists and artisans and provides them a platform to connect with international and local markets. Vceela aims to effectively market the artisans and fuse their work with “modern and marketable designs” to help them gain the popularity they deserve. They consider the consumers as their “family” and encourages them to keep the spirit of art alive.

Their consumer-friendly and easy-to-use online platform connects people associated with arts and crafts directly to the market, removing any delays or “middlemen” so they can generate the profits they deserve.

The startup is yet another example of utilizing digital platforms to introduce innovative ideas and benefit from them.


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