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Daraz University, an online university for entrepreneurs

Daraz, the leading e-commerce platform, was founded by Muneeb Maayr & Farees Shah in 2012. Recognizing the digital future of Pakistan and the growing trend of e-commerce, Daraz aimed to make connections between sellers and customers easier and efficient by launching an online platform.

Observing the growing popularity and usage of the platform, “Daraz University” was launched in 2018 to educate entrepreneurs free of cost to encourage entrepreneurs and make training easier for anyone who wants to start a business. According to their website, 20,000 sellers have been educated on eCommerce operations. Every month 5,000 new sellers are educated with advanced training provided to existing sellers.

The university offers a vast majority of courses about business operations, selling online, business campaigns, consumer relations, etc., to assist entrepreneurs in starting or maintaining their businesses. Aisha Akhai, Head of Daraz University, stresses the importance of equipping sellers with the “right skills and knowledge” to run their businesses smoothly and suggests how Daraz University is the perfect option for entrepreneurs to begin their learning.


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