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Pakistan's Mariam Nusrat makes it to Forbes Next 1000 list

This is yet another milestone achieved by one of the entrepreneurs of Pakistan by receiving International recognition due to their unique and market-breaking idea.

Forbes’ list this year honored startups with revenue or funding less than $10 million. Pakistan’s Mariam Nusrat was no way behind and successfully made it to the list, making the entrepreneurial Industry of Pakistan proud.

The Virginia resident, Mariam Nusrat, was born in Pakistan and received a Master’s degree in economics from both LUMS and George Washington University in the United States.

Mariam recognized the power of video games and wanted to use them to help society grow. For this purpose, she launched Gaming Revolution for International Development (GRID). The entrepreneur believes that if gaming can teach us about building houses and the urban lifestyle, why can’t we use it for social awareness about issues like women’s rights and climate change. The startup aims to educate people by changing how video games are created due to their high communication and influential power. It has produced eight portfolios in five different languages until now.

The increasing international recognition of Pakistani entrepreneurs is an inspiration and motivation for the population of Pakistan to work hard and use the power around them to invent something no one has seen, and success will, undoubtedly, follow.


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