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Trivzia, Pakistan's live streaming platform, raises $400,000

The Lahore-based startup, Trivzia Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, raised $400,000 in a seed round led by 47 venture investments. Trivzia is Pakistan’s first live online video streaming platform that hosts live daily games on its Mobile application, Jeeto Naye Andaz Say. It plans to use this investment to enhance the consumer experience, augment the team and strengthen the streaming services to handle a larger pool of users.

Game shows have always gained massive popularity in Pakistan. Founded by Waqqas Alvi, Waqas Shahid, Jahnzaib Shahid, and Ejaz Rana in 2019, Trivzia aims to make game shows more accessible for the population of Pakistan. The app, Jeeto Naye Andaz Say, daily hosts games live at 10 pm, and approximately 10,000 players join the session daily. The game consists of 10 MCQs with 10 seconds given to answer each, and those who answer all of them correctly share the prize. The game is free to join, and anyone who is 18 or above and has a CNIC is eligible to join.

According to Waqqas Alvi, CEO of Trivzia, the challenges of handling live streams and interactions are increasing dramatically due to the growth of participants. The investment received will be used to make the technology stronger to ensure the game show runs smoothly. Trivzia is undoubtedly contributing significantly to building the interactive and mass communication future of Pakistan.


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