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Remotebase, a tech startup,is redefining the recruitment process

The technological startup recently raised $1.4 million in its seed round. They used this investment to increase the exposure of the Pakistani software engineers and connected them to Silicon Valley startups.

Founded by Qasim Asad Salam, Remotebase finds, hires, and trains software engineers for remote working. Currently having around 40+ software engineers, the startup plans to extend this number to 150+ by the end of 2021 using the investment. The primary mission of Remotebase, according to the founder, is to make sure that all software engineers get the same exposure as those belonging to developed nations.

The Remotebase HireFest, held on 26th June 2021, made the recruitment process much faster. Instead of making people go through a large number of interviews and numerous office visits, Remotebase being completely virtual enables the applicants and current employees to dedicate all their time to work, rather than wasting their resources on traveling. In addition, the startup also offers flexible working hours and increased exposure to working with highly innovative companies in Silicon Valley.


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