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The tourism industry of Pakistan has great potential to grow

Pakistan has several tourist attraction spots, including Swat Valley, Hunza Valley, Attabad lake, etc.,  which have yielded enormous profits for the past few years. The growing importance of the tourism industry has captured the attention of a lot of people. Even Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, recognized the importance of the tourist industry and the vast profits it can generate. In his recent statement on Monday 28th June 2021, while visiting Naran, Mr.Khan claimed Pakistan to have a beauty that even Switzerland cannot match, and people should capitalize on this opportunity.

Recognizing this sector’s attractiveness and growth potential, several online travel startups, including, roomy,chkar, Find my adventure, etc., have emerged to gain from this Industry. Added to this, several tourist plan startups have also made their position in this market.

The tourism industry provides an excellent opportunity for Pakistan’s entrepreneurs to develop their business image and capitalize on this opportunity by entering this sector with their market-breaking startup idea.


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