DevNation, a Pakistani startup, receives seed funding

DevNation, a Pakistani startup, recently closed its angel round which was led by CrossFund, and gained investment worth upwards of a five figure amount.

Multiple investors joined the round, including Benjamin C., Davide Calì, Jeffrey C., Katherine Lui, Javier Sabas, Marcos Parada, Corrado Licata, Giuseppe Tomasello, Sherif Nessim, and Hassan Mughis.

DevNation is an online tech accelerator for the top 5 percent of software developers in Pakistan, and was founded by NYU alums Raheel Ahmad, Muddassar Sharif and Hamd Bilal Tahir. The company provides an intensive computer science course which is delivered through live lectures by tech leaders and subject matter experts, with the objective of the program being the enhancement of the skills of future software leads through the implementation of a modern curriculum with exposure to the latest technologies.

Raheel Ahmad, the co-founder of DevNation, said, “DevNation is on the mission to harness the technical talent of Pakistan and make Pakistan the software engineering powerhouse in the region.”

He also stated that over the next few months, the startup would focus on investing in building their “community of expert creators and learners, leading the way to democratize high quality tech education for all Pakistanis,” further adding that they are “upskilling Pakistanis with web development and data science skills.”

DevNation is ultimately on a mission to create 1 million software engineers in Pakistan by 2030, and this round of investment will surely contribute towards achieving that goal.


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