COLABS aims to build a community of 100,000 members

COLABS, Pakistan’s fastest growing workplace is aiming to build Pakistan’s largest community of entrepreneurs and freelancers through the provision of coworking spaces, events and educational programs. 

Since its inception in 2019, by brothers Omar and Ali Shah, COLABS has garnered approximately 700 members and expects to add a further 400 members with the launch of its third site. 

In an interview sharing the reason behind the impressive growth of COLABS in a relatively short span of time, the brothers stated, “As a family, we have been developing and managing properties in Lahore for many decades. Initially, it was traditional real estate but then Ali started Sabcon to do modern, innovative buildings a few years ago, so we understand the space very well. We can design our spaces for more efficient utilization than an average coworking operator and drive higher revenue per square foot at half the build cost. With all the learnings we have from our first two years, we’re ready to scale our spaces all over Pakistan. We’ve created a playbook that allows us to quickly turn buildings of different sizes into coworking spaces in a few months.” 

Up to date COLABS has collaborated with over 100 entities to organize events with some of the most notable ones being the Uber pitch and She Loves Tech. 

With such an impressive journey up till now, COLABS aim of “building a community of 100,000” does not seem far away.  


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