Pakistani startups embracing positive workplace reforms

Employers have begun to realize, more than ever, the importance of investment into human capital – and a topic of heavy emphasis in HR recently has been female empowerment in the workplace. During the past few years, menstrual leave is a popular point of contention with regards to the broader topic of “females in workplace”, and despite the many social advancements in workplace policies in countries such as Japan, USA and Korea, Pakistan seemed to have been lagging behind. Until recently.

The following is a list of Pakistani startups that are leading the sphere of corporate social policy in the country.

Number# 1

Swyft Logistics

Fostering a culture of trust, truth and acceptance Swyft Logistics becomes the first company in Pakistan to introduce a Period Policy, to its 30% female workforce. Women at Swyft can avail up to 12 days of period leaves in a year.

Swyft along with taking care of its employees’ well-being, wants to fight the stigma associated with menstrual leave.

Number# 2


The healthcare startup has launched a policy on menstrual leave for its female employees recently, whereby they are allowed to take 12 days off to deal with the difficulties that come along with the menstrual cycle.

The company in addittion to providing a safe space for its female employees, want to ensure that they are not uncomfortable while performing work-related tasks.

Furthermore, along with its period policy, MedznMore is formulating a policy that gives time off for women who have had miscarriages to allow them to grieve and fully recover.


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