YLES'22: LES Prepares to Promote Entrepreneurship.

YLES is a reputable brand with a successful track record of teaching entrepreneurial values and skills to the delegates that have been a part of it. It stands for promoting and advocating entrepreneurialism through consistent innovation and transformation. It is not just a business competition; it is an experience that aims to inspire and encourage students to work towards their ideas and implement them. It is a platform that champions budding entrepreneurs and assists them in launching and executing their wildest business propositions. It aims to groom the delegates to ensure they have the required confidence and reliance on achieving their business ideas. Through YLES’sholistic journey for the delegates, it seeks to inculcate a multitude of skills and instill remarkable expertise and dynamic thinking to ensure that the students are equipped to become leaders.


YLES is a complete package with challenging and innovative rounds making participants think on their feet and look at things more logically. Students who have participated over the years have reported that this event helped them polish their entrepreneurial skills and helped many pursue their business ventures. The exposure participants receive at YLESregarding social skills, creativity, teamwork, a problem-solving is truly irreplaceable. YLES has provided incredible mentorship for participants over the years, helping many make their business ideas a reality. Hence, every young entrepreneurs’ starting line is a must-do event in Pakistan.


Due to the looming threat of COVID-19, nearly all companies have had to devise and implement innovative plans while also being mindful of a more significant number of stakeholders. YLES’22 will be established on the premise of moving ‘TogetherForward‘ to ensure that delegates realize how critical external stakeholders are to the success of their business and the significance of innovation and implementation of ingenious ideas. The rounds and activities of YLES will take inspiration from and draw on the conference’s theme.


Over the past few years, YLES has strengthened its position as one of South Asia’s most significant entrepreneurial events. Students from all over the world are brought together in a conducive environment that allows them to blossom and truly fulfills their potential. The event will enable them to network with leading industry experts and each other. Still, it also equips them with the necessary skills required for a successful entrepreneurial journey. The secret to the legacy YLES entails is its attractive force that pulls talented and intelligent individuals from all over the world. International delegates from Hong Kong, UAE, and many other countries remarked that participating in this event helped them acquire life-long skills, develop confidence, and ignited an entrepreneurial spirit. This year’s event will be bigger and better than ever before- as we bring an even greater pool of delegates participating from every corner of the world. Participating in the most significant entrepreneurial event in South Asia will enable students to navigate their way through the entrepreneurial world by showing their ability to innovate, adapt and strive in front of our diverse panel of judges, including some of the best entrepreneurs from all over the world. 

To register, first, teams must fill in the online registration form. This can be found on their website: All fields must be filled accurately; even for private teams, the institution name of each delegate needs to be mentioned. Delegates’ pictures must be renamed to the names of the respective delegates. Images must ideally be passport-sized and front-facing, with the participants identifiable. All photos have to be in JPEG or PNG format. During this phase, the head delegate will have to enlist the team, specify the institution being represented and provide satisfactory answers to any additional questions. After receiving the registration confirmation email, each team is required to email scanned copies of the necessary documents to A team that is not representing any institution must register themselves as ‘private, and members of these teams can belong to different institutions.


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