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    Telenor partners with Noon Academy to enhance digital learning

    Telenor Pakistan recently partnered with Noon Academy to enhance the digital learning ecosystem by increasing outreach through this partnership. In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, traditional learning systems have suffered greatly, and as a result, online learning has become a crucial part of education, and Noon Academy understands this, as it provides free education to […] More

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    University of Sindh sets up its Technology Incubation Center

    The University of Sindh recently established its first ever Technology Incubation Center in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology. The purpose of the center will be to aid students in their entrepreneurial journey post-university by providing them with the resources and skills needed to start their own businesses. Graduating students will be required to join […] More

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    DeafTawk opens registrations for its Basic Sign Language course

    DeafTawk, a sign language solutions platform, recently opened registrations for its Basic Sign Language course that is a part of its KhudHi program. DeafTawk is a digital platform service, launched in 2018 and co-founded by Ali Shabbar, that aims to bridge the communication gap between the hearing and non-hearing community in real-time through various tools […] More